Monami Frost Synthetic Arm

The last days JR was working on this Synthetic Arm from a pound of Flesh (brand). JR got inspired and motivated by Anrij Straume who showed up in his YouTube how to Tattoo a Synthetic Arm... so JR is pretty thankful for this tutorial and pretty stoked to continue on the arm and try some new styles. Stay Tuned.

JR Videoclip of a Portait

JR was two weeks in Spain, and his build in his Room a new Paint-office. So his was so stoked about it that his wanted so much to draw a Portrait and his decided to make a Videoclip about it. Enjoy.

Acoustic Fridays with Nacnecc

Last Friday NacNecc show it us his beautiful Music. To bad that not more people came, but no matter we enjoy it his music deep inside.

Acoustic Fridays: NacNecc

Acoustic Fidays presents: NacNecc! Live and totally acoustic presents NacNecc his wonderful melancholic - yet positive music at the Floating Art Studio on November 18th!

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