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Surf & Tattoo Week @ Element Called Water, France

O.k. first of all, a 14 h drive from our little hometown called Thun to the lovely Surf Coast of the southern west of France isn’t a walk in the park on a sunny Sunday morning.

But after several coffees, 2 police stops (we didn’t get arrested tough but what you’d expect with a black car, tanned windows and three tattooed lads in it…) we made it to the Element Called Water Surf & Skate Guesthouse in Soustons.

The word guesthouse is a quite underrated as it is more like a camping ground, built by hand and heart, blood sweat and tears from the dedicated crew down there.

There is indeed a lovely guesthouse as well with several bedrooms and a cozy fire pit. Also you can choose to stay in one of their cute bungalows, simply bring your tent or even sleep in the camper or car.

When we arrived around 11pm the bar and the outside area were in full motion and the crew even gifted us with food leftovers from the dinner they had a bit earlier.

Filled with delicious food we enjoied a couple of beers before we went to bed happy.

Every morning you’d find a rich breakfast buffet provided with fresh french style baguette and bread of course.

While people already went for an early morning surf, the sun arose and filled us up with a nice warmth.