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Acoustic Fridays: Static Fanatic & The Hunting Bones

Last night we held guests for the last event of the first MagnoliArt series here at the Floating Art studio! While Mr. Static Fanatic was spitting his well thought, always a little philosophical rhymes, the Band formed of ex Jelaforn members André Feuz, Dionys Gartwys and Nigel Scheidegger - The Hunting Bones did support him while new interpreting and performing the beats live on stage. Before Static got on the Podium, The Hunting Bones performed three of their new songs for the first time ever live in front of an audience. Well received from the listeners, Static joined them after that and took the audience into his mind set. For the finalé, the group did a mashup with one of the original Hunting Bones songs mixed with Static Fanatic's The Wake Up classic "Melodie du Siècle".

Left to say is just that it couldn't be a more wonderful closure of this years MagnoliArt series.

Thanks so much to all the supporters who made it happen - Bucketfeet Switzerland, Kambly & El Camino Café Bar!

And last but not least thanks to all and everyone for joining the shows and supporting the art!!

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